Monk Sir
Thuravi sir (Kumaravelu Palanisamy) , was born in 1940 in LADANG NORDANAL, PANCHOR, MUAR, Johor, Malaysia.  He began his early education in SJKT LADANG NORDANAL which set the foundation of his educational life. His whole family then moved to Claire Estate at Johor Labis Estate, Chaah Johor.

Like everyone else’s, life is a journey that maneuvers through various landscapes. Thuravi Sir (Kumaravelu’s) life took on a turn to discover the realms of spiritual knowledge. In his conquest to unearth the spiritual path, he renounced worldly life and became a Buddhist monk.

Thuravi Sir was born to a large family of 13 pax, 11 children including him. His father, Mr. Palanisamy was a supervisor in a rubber estate in Muar, Johor at the southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia. Raising a big family and providing to their needs was a challenge, but education was given paramount importance to their development. His mother, Veeramah was a home maker who devoted herself to the upbringing of the family with family values, love and care being the core of her foundation.

Father : Palanisamy , Mother: Veeramah
Siblings (11):  Vengadesan, Nayagam, Kumaravel (Himself), Shanmugam, Palai, Sarojini, Rajagopal, Tevaraj, Parwathy, Vasantha, Anbarasi
Education & Work

Monk Sir (Kumaravel) graduated in the year 1965 from the University of Malaya majoring in Physics. He was the first Indian graduate from Johor Labis Estate, Chaah, Johor making him remarkably special.

Upon graduation, he served as a science teacher after which he worked as a lecturer at MARA College.

During his tenure in the field of education, he published a Math textbook catering for high school students. His specialties span across fields of Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
Ascetic life & Dhamma research

Thuravi Sir (Kumaravel) started the life of a monk in the 1970s.

There were also writings done for research purposes. DHAMMA, a two volume part book comprising of 1033 pages, was compiled in 1985 in English, which contains the "Sutras" (Dharma Teachings) inspired by Lord Buddha. Thiruvalluvar’s and Confucius' Charity were Compiled in English in 1990.
Charity to community

Thuravi Sir (Kumaravel) began providing free tuition for students in the nearby estates for Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

At the same time, he began imparting teachings of Dharma to his fellow students. The students under him were gifted to receive instructions cascaded directly from him, in its authenticity.
Dharma Books

Upon request from his followers, Thuravi Sir (Kumaravel) also delivered his teachings through a book. His sermons were later recorded as audios and then eventually into texts. Thuravi Sir (Kumaravel) published his first book to the public entitled 'Aravali’ in year 2000. Since then, 36 books were published in the Tamil language. All are moral texts and guidance to eternal life.

All the texts written were related to virtues comprising that of Auvaiyar, Valluvar, those shown by Lord Buddha himself and the covenants to be observed.
Purpose of Writing

To guide towards proper living methods and to liberate self from sufferings caused by birth.

One should listen to the teachings of Dharma, be a witness with a believing mind and understand the unthinkable facts.
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