About Us
Nestled in the state of Johor, Persatuan Kebajikan Dharma Mandram started as a spiritual organization in the year 2000. In the initial stage of operation, the organization faced various difficulties and challenges when performing its activities.  In the quest to find a solution to the challenges, Mr. Manogaran Ramachandram and Mr. Mathialagan Dharman then decided to legalize the organization with the intent to smoothen the organizational activities. So, in the year 2002, the organization (Dharma Mandram) was officially registered as a legitimate entity.

Initially, this organization was led by Dr.Krishnan, and its activities centered on Dharma Classes, Publishing of Dharma Books, free tuition for students, and other charitable and philanthropic activities.

The organization's mission is to inculcate noble values in the community. Thuravi sir (Kumaravelu Palanisamy) is no stranger to this organization, being the backbone of its spiritual discourses.

Currently, our organization is led by Mr. Manogaran Ramachandram and during his tenure, has expanded the scope of the organization’s activities to include the below initiative:

They are:
 Dharma Class for Adult (online)
 Dharma Class for Children (online)
 Dharma Class for Prisoners
 Publishing of Dharma Books
 Publishing of Dharma eBooks
 Developing Dharma Website
 Full-Moon Charity
 Children Coloring Activity

Our Organization
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